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Dec 24, 2012 4:00am PST
the story stocks work, sometimes everyone else owns them, then they want to get out. > what about google? is this a stock to own? at one point it was during the past year. > > google has done a great job. all three of these companies, facebook, google, and apple, of course, are leading the pack in terms of driving this stock market. and of course, google got back in favor and has had excellent business results. and of course, the final indignant thing for apple was that they had to have google maps go back on the iphones. but i think all three of them are going to be great investments over the next several years. it is just a matter of the timing. so, if you got into facebook in the low, that is great. if you can hold on and maybe pick up some apple here. that is also good. and i think google is going to continue to do well. > thank you matt, and happy trades to you in the new year. > > thank you. americans spent 2012 tuning in to election coverage and those political ads. when it was all said and done, campaigns shelled out $6 billion. paul eggers gives us a look at the the money trail
Dec 27, 2012 4:00am PST
giants are pouncing on the chance to buy patents from eastman-kodak. apple, google, and research in motion are some of the big names that will buy patents from the bankrupt camera and photo company. the deal, worth $525 million, will give those companies access to kodak's digital imaging patents. after the sale, kodak says it expects to emerge from bankruptcy protection within the first half of next year. critics are blaming ceos for some of the biggest business blunders of this year. forbes is out with its list of "worst ceos" in 2012. best buy, zynga, and jc penney are just a few companies whose corporate chiefs were blamed for falling stock prices and lower sales. big banks also had a fair share of embarassing moments throughout the course of the year. barclays and hsbc both lost ceos after an investigation revealed the banks had manipulated libor, a benchmark interest rate, for the benefit of their firms. still to come, how counterfeit wine may be sneaking its way into your glass. that's later. but first, will the box office hit the billion-dollar record? what movies could st
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2